Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Photo Collage

I just did this today so thought I would add it to this post. It's a sheet of canvas sprayed with white webbing spray then spritzed with "graphite" Glimmer mist. Some images, transparencies, german scrap, corrugated cardboard stamp, and some rubons and some strips of scrapbook paper for her dress.

Nothing terribly exciting but I just wanted to try my hand at the Picasa photo collage (needs some work) . These are a few pages from some of my art journals and the the cover of one, also a snippet of the inchie canvas I did a few weeks ago. Not sure if you can click on the individual pictures for a larger view. I'm supposed to be making a few Christmas cards, but it's been such a long time since I made one that I think I've lost my card "mojo". I've got so many things started and not finished. Whenever I start something it seems to lead me to something else that I want to try so I tell myself that I'll get back to the original project once I've for instance, made a few clay pieces (my latest craze) so while they are drying I'll continue on, but while I'm making the clay bits and bobs something else pops into my head that might compliment the clay and I'm off on another tangent. Oh well I guess that's the nature of creating, one thing leads another and so it goes.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just some photos

Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures that I took at the Trots last Friday night. It was Italian night so of course all things Italian including the colour of the fireworks, red, green and white. Colours don't show up that well especially with my little digital point and shoot.

This one is from my garden just after a shower of rain. Please note the rain drops.

and this one is of the bushland outside the old Remida recycling centre and I've mucked around with the Picasa effects buttons, looks cool !
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

"She Journal"

Over that last two months I've been doing an art journal class with the very talented and sweet Audrey. The journal was based on sayings from one of the Compendium books which is titled She......lots of quotes in it. Last night was my last class (some of the others are doing an additional 2 lessons). Audrey forgot to bring her camera so I said I would take some photos and put them on my blog for her. This is the front cover, transparencies, chipboard shapes, and some small charms tied to the binding. We made those last night. That Audrey.......she comes up with the most amazing ideas.
This one I call "Penis Head" for obvious reasons. We had a good laugh about it last night and I promise she will eventually have a lovely flower or butterfly applied over the offending appendage. After I had done the page, I sat back and looked and couldn't quite pinpoint what was wrong with it, until I looked closer and realised that what was in fact part of her head band, looked liked a penis. Yikes!!!!!!!

This page is not quite finished but I wanted to include some of the pages we did in class with Audrey. This consisted of heat embossing, glued down gauze and down one side of the silver heart will eventually be another quote from the book.

This is a photo of some graffiti on a building at the old Ramida recycling centre. The whole place is overed in it with thousands of discarded spray cans strewn all over the ground. Such mindless vandalism!

Another of the pages we did in class, although I had a bit of an accident with this page on the way home so I had to alter a couple of things on it.

I just like this page!

One of the quotes we tore from the book and smudged with gesso.

Photo copies of photos. Parts of them put through the cuttlebug embossing folders and then sanded back and smudged with stuff.
Thanks Audrey for sharing your creative ideas with us all .

Some of the charms we made and a beauftiful beaded charm that Audrey made for us all, these were attached to the binding with jump rings.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Large Inchie Canvas

Kind of got a bit addicted to the inchies after the last small one I did, so I decided to attempt a larger one. This canvas is 30cm x30cm and has 81 inchies on it (well they're actually 1-1/4 inches). I thought it would take me ages to do but I just sat at my desk most evenings and made a few and the whole thing probably took about a week to finish. I salvaged the canvas from one of my many experiments that went horribly wrong and just painted it with black gesso and added a little jade green Rub & Buff around the edges. All the tiles are varying shades of green, it being my favourite colour. The colours don't show up all that well but you get the general idea.
Some close ups of the tiles.

I had to include John, Paul, George and Ringo to the mix. Such a huge part of my teenage years.