Monday, May 20, 2013

I’ve Made a Start

I went in, I sat down, and I made a couple of things.

Photo 20-05-13 12 12 19 PM

My messy desk with the sun making shadows through the security screen.

Photo 20-05-13 12 12 40 PM

I have made a few more things this morning since I took this photo but everything is cooking away nicely in the oven.

Experimenting with pan pastels and some new tutorials I bought.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

It’s Been Awhile

A few months to be exact which is pretty terrible. It’s the longest time I’ve ever let my blog stay idle.
Well a kitchen renovation, a laundry renovation and a holiday kept me away. But both the kitchen and the laundry are finished, my studio is just about back to being a studio and not a dumping ground for all the kitchen/laundry stuff and I’ve just bought some clay tutorials to spark my creativity again.

Here’s two pairs of earrings I made a couple of weeks ago.
Photo 13-05-13 3 27 34 PM

In the pair above I’ve used one of Mels Moulds and coloured the raised pattern with Pan Pastels.

Photo 13-05-13 3 31 31 PM

This pair from another set of molds also coloured with Pan Pastels.

So onward and upward and hopefully a lot more blogging and items to show you.

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