Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to get out of cooking!

For quite some time now my pasta sauce has been the source (pardon the pun) of much mirth, hilarity and down right derogatory remarks from the kippers. Everytime I make it I get the same comment from them, "it doesn't taste like Nonnas" and I alway say it does, it's exactly the way she told me to make it. Then an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond pops into my head. Remember the one where Maree had given Debra her recipe for meat loaf I think and unbeknownst to Debra, Maree had deliberately left out a key ingredient. But my mother in law wouldn't do that, she loves me and according to the rest of the family she thinks the sun shines out of my bottom. Then I hear them mumbling words like "vile", "poison", "trying to kill us". So when the kippers ask whats for dinner and I say pasta, they all of a sudden have urgent and pressing errands they have to run and sorry they won't be home for dinner.
Or because I want to know how many I'm cooking for I'll send out a text message:
R U Hme 4 T. (you can tell I'm a baby boomer).
They'll text back, What r u cooking? (how come I can never find the question mark on my phone)
Sorry, I've got book club. BOOK CLUB! That boy has probably read 3 books in his life, all with words like Godfather, Mafia and Underbelly in the title. Book if.
Then the kipperette texts back:
Sorry, have important meeting after work. Yeh I'll bet, important meeting at some swanky bar drinking Cab Sav and eat tapas with the girls.
So then a few week ago, on one of the numerous days when the thought of deciding what to cook and then stopping on the way home to pick up the ingredients, then lugging it all inside and putting it away and then getting it all out again to start cooking was just too much to bare, it dawned on me. Send out the Pasta text and no one will be home for dinner and Chas and I can just have scrambled eggs! It works a treat.
Guess what's 4 dinner 2nite!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

New bracelet

This is my new bracelet. I had some birthday money left over and decided to join the craze and get a Pandora Bracelet. Not the cheapest exercise but they are gorgeous and all the charms and beads are so pretty I couldn't resist. But now I can get the family to buy me beads for special occasions, birthday, mothers day and christmas.