Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Went To Buy A Bra………….


…….and came home with this!




Well it was on special and I had a gift certificate and I couldn’t help myself……ok?


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Overload




This much chocolate between 6 adults, really? It’s just obscene isn’t it?


So I’ve decided next year I’m not buying any chocolate or Easter eggs, instead I’m buying everyone a goat. When I announced to everyone my intentions DS said, great, a goat, I’ll cook it on the Webber, then I had to explain that he won’t actually get the goat, it will be given to a  small village somewhere in Africa on his behalf.




Whilst in Victoria we drove down to a pretty little town called Queenscliffe and came across this, the dentist next door to a chocolate  shop and after going in and having a very rich and very sweet Belgium hot chocolate we decided the dentist gets plenty of trade from them.


Happy Easter everyone.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Plane Never Arrived

Well I should have been swanning around Victoria by now, but two hours before we were due to leave for the airport I get  a phone call from “Renee” saying the flight has been cancelled…….what!!!….why….Renee’s only explanation was ‘the plane didn’t arrive’…uh, is it lost?…..did it, heaven forbid, crash?….has it got a flat tyre? She didn’t know and then proceeded to give me a dud phone number to call to make alternative arrangements. So, many calls later to the airline in another state (my suspicions, in another country) we are scheduled to leave this afternoon God willing.

So I have the opportunity to do one last post before I go. I was the February winner in the Rings & Things monthly Blog Partners drawing. They took so long to arrive I was worried they were lost forever. But arrive they did and I’m really glad because they are gorgeous.


Some tiny raw brass flower charms. #44-410-03-0
Lime magnesite slab beads #75-000-94-09-07
Mulitcoloured Uganda paper beads #75-000-95
And two Tootsie Rolls (I ate one already).

I’ve already used two of the paper beads.


Not the best photo. I’m trying out different parts of the house to get better light now that the sun is lower in the sky. I took these in the kids bathroom and used the zoom. Not a good idea me thinks.

Light green (not that you can tell) textured polymer clay with paper beads and a tiny seed bead on the end.

So wish me luck the plane arrives this afternoon and we leave as scheduled.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Re-cycled Gift Bags

Came across these little gift bags that I think are just the best idea. Such a great way to re-cycle.


I used a magazine that I’d been hoarding for collage work. Seeing as how I haven't collaged anything for ages I decided to use it for gift bags. The paper is reasonably heavy so the bags are quite sturdy. Although I think I’ll finish off the bottoms of the bags a different way next time.


The possibilities are endless. Old children's books picked up from second hand stores, magazines, junk mail,  patterned scrapbooking paper that your not so keen on any more. All of these could be used. The size of the pages from the magazine I used were A4.


So if you would like instructions hop on over to here Urban Natural History’s blog for an in depth picture tutorial. 

Just thought I’d post this before I take off for the East.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knit One, Purl One, then Add A Brooch

I despair of ever seeing any cold weather arriving here. For months it’s just been unrelenting heat and most days high humidity and I’m dreaming of  cool days and cold nights. So in anticipation of some cool refreshing weather arriving here in the not too distant future, I’ve started knitting. It all began with arranging a trip to Victoria to visit my sisters. Now Victoria doesn’t really have much of a summer and autumn and winter are very cold to I thought I’d knit myself a cowl.


I’ve made quite  few brooches in clay over the last week or so.


Still playing around with shapes and colours.


And in some I’ve managed to incorporate some of my never ending supply of wallpaper.


I’ll be away for 10 days but will have access to a computer and I’ll try and post and I’ll check my Artfire store daily but I’ll be unable to post any orders until the 20th April.

Watch out Melbourne retail……..I’m on my way!!!!!!!