Saturday, April 9, 2011

Re-cycled Gift Bags

Came across these little gift bags that I think are just the best idea. Such a great way to re-cycle.


I used a magazine that I’d been hoarding for collage work. Seeing as how I haven't collaged anything for ages I decided to use it for gift bags. The paper is reasonably heavy so the bags are quite sturdy. Although I think I’ll finish off the bottoms of the bags a different way next time.


The possibilities are endless. Old children's books picked up from second hand stores, magazines, junk mail,  patterned scrapbooking paper that your not so keen on any more. All of these could be used. The size of the pages from the magazine I used were A4.


So if you would like instructions hop on over to here Urban Natural History’s blog for an in depth picture tutorial. 

Just thought I’d post this before I take off for the East.
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