Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wishy, Washy, Waaah!

Had a bit of clean up of my desk the other day and thought I would set my self a challenge just to make it a bit more interesting. Didn’t really help… was still an odious task. Anyway I gathered up a handful of beads, some bits of chain and poly pendant that were scattered across the four corners of my desk and told myself I had to make something with them.

This is the little pile, already I’m not happy.


But I continued in the hope that once I’d tweaked and fiddled around with them it would turn into something if not fantastic at the very least passable.


Not happening!


I only had small piece of chain but I knew I had another packet of the same chain, so linked it all up and then when I laid out the necklace I could see that the small piece was a much brighter silver than the other. Very annoying.

It needs something to make it pop. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Story Board

I just can’t seem to get myself into gear. I blame it on the heat. Summer time is never a very productive time for me, the heat, humidity and general lethargy aren’t conducive to creating stuff.

Take today for example. The house is all mine for at least 8 hours. No need to stress about what to cook for dinner, no urgent and pressing housework needs to be done, a guilt free day all to myself, the weather is relatively cool, but you know what….I can’t seem to get going. The fact that it’s a coolish day should have me motivated to get out the clay and crank up the oven and play with clay all day. But here I sit at the computer, wasting time, well not really, you my dear readers are not a waste of time, stalling would probably be a better way of describing it.

So what I’ve done instead is create a story board.

Blue green pendant

I’ve used images from the amazingly talented artisans on Artfire. I looked for clothes and accessories that I thought would compliment my necklace and I found some beauties.

Left to right.

Shoes from Tialey Vintage (aren’t they gorgeous). Brighita they are your size!!!!!
Rosette from Creations by Ingrid (would look gorgeous pinned to a crisp white shirt).
Necklace from Back Pocket Designs (little ol’ me).
Skirt from byKeona (wish I still had a waist).
Bag from Originals by Cindy (how sassy is that bag).

There is a wealth of talent on Artfire. So go and check it out but don’t blame me if your credit card gets a workout.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Headers



They were always the bane of my blogging existence. For quite a long time I didn’t have one. It just disappeared into the blogosphere never to be seen again. Not only did the header disappear but the html code took a hike too.


Well I finally got a header and the code back again once I had my blog redesigned by a professional. But I wanted to be able to change the header frequently, you know, a bit like changing outfits or hairstyles when you need a lift.



I did this one too.


So after googling headers I came across this site. Clover Lane and she has a very easy tutorial on how to create a header using Picasa photo editing software. I love Picasa……did I ever tell you that I’m a Photoshop failure and dropout? Well I am, went to a couple of classes and it was all  double dutch and geek speak and it  just went straight over my head.


But this tutorial is so easy to follow. The instructions and photos are clear and concise, so if you’re looking to change things up a bit on your blog this is the place to go.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Artfire Collection……..

…….and it made the front page!

Just a few days ago I joined a Guild on Artfire called Jewellery Creators Unite in Numbers. One of the requirements is to put a collection together using images from the studios of members from the guild. Well I’d never attempted to create a collection before so it was all a bit new and daunting, but I persevered (it was much easier than I thought) and posted it and then kind of forgot about it. Well lo and behold when I logged into Artfire this morning there was my collection on the front page. Such excitement.

Art Fire Screen Grab

I called the collection Perfect Pendants and tried to showcase a variety of necklaces with beautiful pendants and drops (popped one of mine in as well).

So if you’re quick you can head over there and see it in all it’s glory and have a look through the studios of the very creative artisans whose work is featured.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolute in my Intentions

Lying in bed the other night listening to the radio as I was tossing and turning trying to get to sleep.  A lady guest on the programme was talking all sorts of psychobabble about New Years resolutions so I wasn’t really paying too much attention until the pyschobabbilist explained that she doesn’t call them resolutions, instead she calls them intentions. The word resolutions puts too much pressure on oneself and creates guilt when one doesn’t follow through. Whereas the word intentions is not quite so hard and fast. You might intend to give up chocolate but if you slip up….well, not so bad. Anyway if you only intend to have intentions you can always just keep them to yourself, no-one needs to know about the chocolate thing.


So I thought I’d try the whole intention thing and this is what I came up with.


1.  My intention this year is to try and enjoy cooking more. Despite the fact that my children often post cruel and disparaging comments about my cooking on their face books, I will try to like it more. Once in 2001  I did, I went all Moroccan and quite enjoyed it but no-one else was terribly enthused, so I quit.


2.  I intend to finish what I’ve started before I go onto the next thing. Even if some fabulous idea pops into my head I will not stop working on a project and start a new one. I’ll allow myself to quickly write the idea in a journal and then carry on. But then I might get an idea for a really wicked new journal and start on that before I’ve even put the original idea in the first journal. See what I mean?

P1020801-1     P1020803-1

3. Try to keep a tidy house. Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee….oh dear!

4. Stop listening to psychobabble!

All the above pieces were made with clay from a fabulous pdf tutorial I bought from Stonehouse Studios. I really like this technique and the possibilities are endless. The tutorial was very reasonably priced and the photos and instructions were very clear and concise.

So who has made resolutions or intentions this year. Will you be committed and strong in your resolve or will you be weak and pathetic like me, with not an ounce of willpower, a slave to sloth and debauchery….debauchery?….none of that going on here, unless you call eating copious amounts of chocolate debauchery. Guilty as charged.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I’m a Toolie

For the longest time I’ve wanted a disc cutter. But I knew buying from an international seller would be out of the question as the postage would be a killer. I did see one at a store here but as I was looking at it and debating whether to buy it the very nice sales lady  quietly advised against it saying in the politest way possible, it was a piece of  c$&p  and I’d be wasting my money.

So I kind of gave up on the idea until a week ago as I was Googling various things, I came across Sunsetcrystals and I did a little happy dance. Because not only did she have exactly what I wanted but was here in my own backyard so to speak.  Just a few suburbs away from me is this amazing on-line store with all sorts of goodies.

So I ordered this.

disc cutter

Then I saw this set of dapping tools. You little ripper!

dapping block

And this hole punch.

metal punch

Not only are Paula’s prices and postage very reasonable but her after sales service is excellent. She sent me an email  apologising for not being able to post my parcel for a couple of days because the post office was closed due to public holidays, then sent me another one to advise me it had been sent and the very next day it was delivered to my front door.

So when DH and the kippers all finally go back to work after their Christmas break, there will be some serious banging and clanging going on in my house. And hopefully some seriously good looking jewellery. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Pretties……..

…….to start off your new year.

Aren’t these gorgeous? I bought a calendar of floral images by a guy named Steven N Meyers. He’s a radiographer and these are xray pictures that have been digitally coloured.


As I walked past the stall in the shopping centre where the calendars were being sold, these images just jumped out and grabbed me and I had to buy it.


So it’s now hanging in my kitchen  and I can gaze at these beautiful images whilst attending to the odious task of cooking.

If you’d like to read more about Steven go here. He has prints for sale on his web site and this is an interesting article too.