Sunday, January 9, 2011

Resolute in my Intentions

Lying in bed the other night listening to the radio as I was tossing and turning trying to get to sleep.  A lady guest on the programme was talking all sorts of psychobabble about New Years resolutions so I wasn’t really paying too much attention until the pyschobabbilist explained that she doesn’t call them resolutions, instead she calls them intentions. The word resolutions puts too much pressure on oneself and creates guilt when one doesn’t follow through. Whereas the word intentions is not quite so hard and fast. You might intend to give up chocolate but if you slip up….well, not so bad. Anyway if you only intend to have intentions you can always just keep them to yourself, no-one needs to know about the chocolate thing.


So I thought I’d try the whole intention thing and this is what I came up with.


1.  My intention this year is to try and enjoy cooking more. Despite the fact that my children often post cruel and disparaging comments about my cooking on their face books, I will try to like it more. Once in 2001  I did, I went all Moroccan and quite enjoyed it but no-one else was terribly enthused, so I quit.


2.  I intend to finish what I’ve started before I go onto the next thing. Even if some fabulous idea pops into my head I will not stop working on a project and start a new one. I’ll allow myself to quickly write the idea in a journal and then carry on. But then I might get an idea for a really wicked new journal and start on that before I’ve even put the original idea in the first journal. See what I mean?

P1020801-1     P1020803-1

3. Try to keep a tidy house. Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee….oh dear!

4. Stop listening to psychobabble!

All the above pieces were made with clay from a fabulous pdf tutorial I bought from Stonehouse Studios. I really like this technique and the possibilities are endless. The tutorial was very reasonably priced and the photos and instructions were very clear and concise.

So who has made resolutions or intentions this year. Will you be committed and strong in your resolve or will you be weak and pathetic like me, with not an ounce of willpower, a slave to sloth and debauchery….debauchery?….none of that going on here, unless you call eating copious amounts of chocolate debauchery. Guilty as charged.


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