Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wishy, Washy, Waaah!

Had a bit of clean up of my desk the other day and thought I would set my self a challenge just to make it a bit more interesting. Didn’t really help… was still an odious task. Anyway I gathered up a handful of beads, some bits of chain and poly pendant that were scattered across the four corners of my desk and told myself I had to make something with them.

This is the little pile, already I’m not happy.


But I continued in the hope that once I’d tweaked and fiddled around with them it would turn into something if not fantastic at the very least passable.


Not happening!


I only had small piece of chain but I knew I had another packet of the same chain, so linked it all up and then when I laid out the necklace I could see that the small piece was a much brighter silver than the other. Very annoying.

It needs something to make it pop. Any suggestions?



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