Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday I rebelled!

Saturday is wash day. I usually do a couple of loads through the week but most of it gets done on a Saturday as I figure everyone has enough clean clothes for the rest of the week. Most Saturdays I get out of the washing because I'm with mum so Chas & Brighita between them do most of it (for which I'm very thankful). So when I get home on Saturdays usually there's no-one home (Chas at soccer, Brighita shopping) but there is usually one load of washing left in the machine ready to hang out and invariably it's the SHITTY LOAD! You know the one, 28 pairs of jocks and 32 pairs of sock all in varying shades of black.
Now being the good wife and mother that i am i stand there for 45 minutes and match up all the socks into their respective pairs and hang them on my circular clothes peggy things. The clothes peggy things are circular circles (ha!) with about twenty pegs hanging off them. Ideal for hanging on the line because if it rains you can just run out and take the whole thing off the line and you have just saved twenty pairs of socks or knickers from getting wet in one fell swoop. Plus you hang the peggy things at the back of the line and no-one can see how big your bonds cotton tails are (could sail a yacht with those babies).
Well yesterday I said no more. No more pairing up the socks, I'm sick of it, do you know how hard it is to match up black socks. almost impossible so yesterday I just hung them all higgledy piggledy and whoever the unlucky person is that takes the clothes off the line will have to match them up (what's the bet it ends up being me).
Something else I've noticed as I'm getting older with regards to the washing, I'm starting to get a bit obessive with pegs. Now I find myself making sure that each item of clothing has the same coloured pegs holding it up and even sometimes colour matching....... you know, the purple pegs don't look good on the brown t shirt, lime green ones would look better!
I need to live life on the edge a bit more!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Introducing Astro

This is Astro........ Mignon, Ted and Elliots' new puppy. He's 12 weeks old and a bit ADHD at the moment. Very excitable and chewing everything but very cute and lovable.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work photos

When I rang Annette to wish her Happy Birthday she was telling me that Emma and Cloe had given her a book seat for her birthday. It sounded like a neat idea so I went and spent some of my birthday money and bought one for myself. Best thing since sliced bread. So easy to read in bed now without having to hold the book (especially if you are reading an 800 page book at the moment like me, gets heavy after a while) you can keep you hands under the blankies and not get cold. It's great!

Three of the ladies I work with left to right, Robin, Joanie and Lurlene
The view overlooking the river from her family room.
The front door, about 18' high
Some of the cartons we unpacked.
These are some photos of an unpacking job I did last week. It was for an 83 year old lady who was moving into a beautiful home overlooking the Swan River in Mosman Park. She had 235 cartons to unpack, most families only have maximum 150. Among the cartons was one with 71 pairs of shoes and evidently there were more shoes still in storage. And I'm not talking about little old lady shoes, she had stilletos, pointy toed sling backs, funky little ugg boats, numerous pairs of gorgeous leather boots. Needless to say she was extremely wealthy with nothing but the best of everything. Really lovely lady though. The photos of the doors and gates are from her house, even though it was only a 2 bedroom home, it was huge with every conceivable mod con you can imagine, even a dumb waiter between the ground floor and basement. We had fun with that!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erin's 21st brunch

Some photos from Erin's brunch. Her birthday isn't until July but she will be in Monte Carlo on the day so she decided to have a brunch before she leaves for overseas in a couple of weeks. It was a lovely morning, not too cold and no rain, her mum Christine had made heaps of food, all the usual like bacon and eggs, but she had made muesli, beautiful butterscotch sauce to pour over waffles, crepes filled with bacon and tomatoes, lots of fresh juices and coffee and a whole heap of other stuff (she's a very good cook, which explains why Michael almost lives there). I had to take a photo of the champagne glass because Erin almost went stupid making the little charms around the stems. Actually i was really pleased with that photo, it was the best I took on the day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeling Creative

This is a photo of a collage I did today. It started off as a mistake, something i was making for Michaels girlfriend Erin but I smudged it so I had to do another one and rather than waste the mistake I just started glueing bits of text and paint chips onto it, then stamped with different things i had on my desk, lids from bottles, a piece of corrugated cardboard, some foam stamps and whatever came to hand. The checkerboard is a picture from a magazine which i tore out and glued down and edged it with an oil pastel. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, hence it's place of honour on my blog!

As you can probably imagine, housework doesn't rate highly in the grand scheme of things, although I did manage 3 loads of washing today between coats of paint. I haven't had a packing job for 2 weeks so you think i would have taken advantage of the time to spring (autumn?) clean, but that's not as much fun.

Kids are fine, Michael is at Erins and Brighita has gone to a cocktail party in Leederville, so it was just Chas and I for tea.......bacon and eggs.

Off to mums tomorrow, might go to Garden City and check out the sales.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A few more photos

Just a few more photos. Chas's mum and dad went to a wedding yesterday and Rina rang to ask me to take some photos of them before they went. When I got to her house she had set up this lovely area near the pool with all sorts of props. I don't know whose wedding it was they were going to (second cousin of a godmother twice removed!) Anyway they both looked very nice.

The next couple of photos: Chas and I had to pick Brighita up at the airport so we left a bit early and to kill a bit of time we drove down to the river at the back of Ascot race course. These were taken today.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment or two, just so I know somebody is reading my blog. Took me bloomin' long enough to set it up so you better read it or else. Also if you click on the images you can enlarge them I think.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some of the inner pages of my journal:

This is the ATC:

This is the cover:

Now we're cooking with gas! This is the cover of my journal (not the best picture) the silver strip down the middle was from a jewelry box a lady gave me on one of my unpacking jobs. It was very ornate and bulky so when I got home I pulled as much of the silver off it as I could (many nicks and cuts later) and cut it to size and glued it onto my cover adding a few beads that I wired on. OOps , some of them are around the wrong way, never mind. I've just been talking to Jacqueline whilst doing this and she has encouraged me by saying practice makes perfect. I would have like to set this all out a bit better, but you get the idea.

Family news

For those of you who I haven't told.........I'm pregnant (only joking). Lee Williams rang me the other day (Bernies wife) to tell me that Uncle Reg had passed away. Auntie Joyce is still alive but in care and almost totally blind. Lee has given me Janines address and phone so if anyone wants those details let me know. Also cousin Dennis has been diagnosed with Lukeamia (sp) but the non acute type. He's having tests and then a course of treatment, so hopefully all will be ok. Now you all just have to bare with me until I get the hang of this blogging thing. I was trying to post some photos of the art journal that I've been working on for that last 6 weeks I thought I'd uploaded them to the blog site but apparently I haven't, they must be floating around in blogger land somewhere.

We are all fine over here and enjoying the rain that fell yesterday, fell is not the right word. Bucketed down is more like it. I had just left mum's and was halfway down the freeway and it started. The only way I could see where i was going was to follow the tail lights of the car in front of me. We had to slow down to about 40k's and it was a pretty hairy drive home I have to say.

After leaving mums and my scary freeway drive I had an ATC (Artist Trading Cards) class at my local scrapbook shop. The tecnique was Faux Tin Types, (that was one of the photos I was trying to show you all) it involved, insulation tape, embossing, a bit of paint and some imagination.

So now I'm going to have some breakfast and read the paper and today being Sunday, just relax!