Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work photos

When I rang Annette to wish her Happy Birthday she was telling me that Emma and Cloe had given her a book seat for her birthday. It sounded like a neat idea so I went and spent some of my birthday money and bought one for myself. Best thing since sliced bread. So easy to read in bed now without having to hold the book (especially if you are reading an 800 page book at the moment like me, gets heavy after a while) you can keep you hands under the blankies and not get cold. It's great!

Three of the ladies I work with left to right, Robin, Joanie and Lurlene
The view overlooking the river from her family room.
The front door, about 18' high
Some of the cartons we unpacked.
These are some photos of an unpacking job I did last week. It was for an 83 year old lady who was moving into a beautiful home overlooking the Swan River in Mosman Park. She had 235 cartons to unpack, most families only have maximum 150. Among the cartons was one with 71 pairs of shoes and evidently there were more shoes still in storage. And I'm not talking about little old lady shoes, she had stilletos, pointy toed sling backs, funky little ugg boats, numerous pairs of gorgeous leather boots. Needless to say she was extremely wealthy with nothing but the best of everything. Really lovely lady though. The photos of the doors and gates are from her house, even though it was only a 2 bedroom home, it was huge with every conceivable mod con you can imagine, even a dumb waiter between the ground floor and basement. We had fun with that!

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  1. Hey, your book seat is the same colour as mine. They're great aren't they. Do you reckon mum would be able to use one?