Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some of the inner pages of my journal:

This is the ATC:

This is the cover:

Now we're cooking with gas! This is the cover of my journal (not the best picture) the silver strip down the middle was from a jewelry box a lady gave me on one of my unpacking jobs. It was very ornate and bulky so when I got home I pulled as much of the silver off it as I could (many nicks and cuts later) and cut it to size and glued it onto my cover adding a few beads that I wired on. OOps , some of them are around the wrong way, never mind. I've just been talking to Jacqueline whilst doing this and she has encouraged me by saying practice makes perfect. I would have like to set this all out a bit better, but you get the idea.


  1. You're getting more tech savvy than me mum!

  2. Hi Tweet,
    I thought I had left a comment about these pics, but obviously I didn't. Anyway the journal pages look fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing them in real life soon.
    Love, Annette.