Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erin's 21st brunch

Some photos from Erin's brunch. Her birthday isn't until July but she will be in Monte Carlo on the day so she decided to have a brunch before she leaves for overseas in a couple of weeks. It was a lovely morning, not too cold and no rain, her mum Christine had made heaps of food, all the usual like bacon and eggs, but she had made muesli, beautiful butterscotch sauce to pour over waffles, crepes filled with bacon and tomatoes, lots of fresh juices and coffee and a whole heap of other stuff (she's a very good cook, which explains why Michael almost lives there). I had to take a photo of the champagne glass because Erin almost went stupid making the little charms around the stems. Actually i was really pleased with that photo, it was the best I took on the day.


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