Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family news

For those of you who I haven't told.........I'm pregnant (only joking). Lee Williams rang me the other day (Bernies wife) to tell me that Uncle Reg had passed away. Auntie Joyce is still alive but in care and almost totally blind. Lee has given me Janines address and phone so if anyone wants those details let me know. Also cousin Dennis has been diagnosed with Lukeamia (sp) but the non acute type. He's having tests and then a course of treatment, so hopefully all will be ok. Now you all just have to bare with me until I get the hang of this blogging thing. I was trying to post some photos of the art journal that I've been working on for that last 6 weeks I thought I'd uploaded them to the blog site but apparently I haven't, they must be floating around in blogger land somewhere.

We are all fine over here and enjoying the rain that fell yesterday, fell is not the right word. Bucketed down is more like it. I had just left mum's and was halfway down the freeway and it started. The only way I could see where i was going was to follow the tail lights of the car in front of me. We had to slow down to about 40k's and it was a pretty hairy drive home I have to say.

After leaving mums and my scary freeway drive I had an ATC (Artist Trading Cards) class at my local scrapbook shop. The tecnique was Faux Tin Types, (that was one of the photos I was trying to show you all) it involved, insulation tape, embossing, a bit of paint and some imagination.

So now I'm going to have some breakfast and read the paper and today being Sunday, just relax!


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