Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautifully Bound

My good friend and fellow artist Svetlana is not only a creative and talented altered art and mixed media artist but is also the most wonderful book binder.
We caught up the other day for coffee and a trip to the art store and the dump. We love the dump……..(more on our dump finds in another post). Anyway I just had to buy one of Svetlana's beautiful leather bound journals.


The leather is so soft and supple (smells good too) and I love the binding.


and the metal closure.


The paper is such beautiful quality.


I’ve wanted a journal for ages so I’m able to jot down ideas and sketches for jewellery and beads and colour combinations. But now I’m hesitant to use it because it’s just so beautiful and special I’m afraid I’ll ruin it with my awful drawings and terrible hand writing.
I’m going to try and convince Svetlana to open an on line store. But in the mean time I’m sure if you head over to her blog and beg her to make you one, she will.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bulgari Inspiration

I was watching Private Practice a couple of weeks ago and Adison’s mother was marrying her gay lover. (you may have seen this episode) and she wore the most gorgeous necklace.

It looked much better on her than in this picture. Anyway……I used it as the inspirations for this.


Ok, so the Bulgari is probably made with white gold and precious diamonds and mine is made with polymer clay and and pan pastels, no comparison I know.


But mine is a heck of a lot less expensive.


Plus I had a lot of fun making it. Although I think next time I’ll make the pendants a bit smaller and shorten the chain so it sits higher up.

Joanie and I are off to the craft and quilt show today. Every year I say I’m not going again and every year I change my mind in the hope that there will be new and exciting things to see and buy. I may even attempt photographing some things.


Experimenting with hand drawn pendants. Back to the drawing board I think.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Landscape Lunacy

I’ve gone a bit overboard with the landscape thing.


It’s such a lot of fun.


You never know what colour combos you’ll get.

And interesting patterns.

I’ve made a few pairs of cufflinks.


and made a ring for myself.


It’s a great way to use up scrap clay.


Most of these still need sanding and varnishing and then deciding what to do with them all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just To Let You Know……


Tish is having a giveaway. A gorgeous copper pendant. Hop on over and leave a comment and it could be yours.

Friday, May 6, 2011



Finally had a chance to get my clay out yesterday. These are just a couple of things I played around with. Scrap clay overlayed on a black base and I have to say some of them make me think of abstract landscapes.








I’ve made some of them into rings.






Which brings me to my next item on the agenda. Saturday we’re having a Mothers Day stall at our usual location. Tamara will be selling her beautiful fresh flowers and I’ll be selling my jewelry. I’m having a sale too, nothing over $20.00 so if your in the area and need a last minute Mothers Day gift and flowers we’ll be on the corner of:

Angove Street and Woodville Streets

North Perth.

8.00 am – 12.00

The weather will be gorgeous and there’s lots of cafes to feed your caffeine addiction and lovely stores to browse through.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Testing My Lighting Studio


Remember this?




Well I had a bit of play with it yesterday, fairly quick and easy to assemble.




And here’s a couple of photos I took with  comparison of shots I’d taken of the same pieces under the skylight in the kids bathroom.


Lighting studio photos


and this one,


Lighting studio photos1


Still a bit of tweaking to do I think. I’m not sure about the backdrop material that comes with the kit. I noticed in some of the photos I took there’s a slight ‘flare’ across the shot because the fabric has a slight sheen to it so I ended up using a piece of cardstock over the top of it.




This is a little ring box I picked up at a Swap Meet when I was in Geelong…….$3.00……bargain!!!!






I was interested to see how these shots came out as the exterior of the ring box is quite glossy and you know how hard it is to shoot shiny stuff.


And Jana I did end up buying a bra and guess what, I’ve gone from a D cup to a C…..don’t ask me how that happened.

And Julee I’m not sure of the exact size but it’s probably about the size of a small suitcase. It fits on my kitchen table with room to spare when it’s all set up and when folded into its  carry case it’s about the size of an attaché case. Very light and portable so all in all I’m quite happy with it and once I get my studio (some day) I’ll set it up permanently.


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