Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hotter Than Hades

Holy hellfire it’s hot here. We’ve had temps in the very high 30’s (about 100 degrees) for the last few days and we’ve evidently got another week or so of the same. Summer is my least favourite time of the year, I’m an autumn/winter lover. It is so hot at the moment that it’s impossible to do anything, forget putting the oven on for baking clay or even working with clay.

So here’s a few photos of some pieces I made over the last few weeks, when the weather was cooler.


Crescent shape with some texture highlighted with a dark glaze.

And as Valentines Day is fast approaching a heart pendant.


The flower is highlighted with viva paints.

A textured star pendant that’s maybe a little too Christmassy I think.


Highlighted again with viva paints and attached to a ball chain with jump rings.

Isn’t this gorgeous.

  Vellum light

It’s made with flowers punched from vellum and you can find the instruction on the 3 R’s blog. Wander around her blog and be amazed. Allison has many beautiful and very creative light shades on her blog all or most using recycled papers and have a look at her soda can pop tab light shades…..stunning.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art Saves

Barbara Lewis…..she of the wonderful creative and colourful blog Painting with Fire sent me an email a few weeks ago asking if I would mind if she linked backed to one of my posts on the website Art Saves……as if I’d say no to Barbara!!!
Barbara Lewis
Some of Barbara’s gorgeous enamelled beads.

Do yourself a favour and head over to Art Saves and be inspired  by the interesting stories told by wonderfully talented and creative women who have used art to uplift them and help them through sometimes difficult times.

Barbara will be the curator of the Art Saves website during the week of 23rd January until the 29th January. And here is a list of the bloggers she’ll be highlighting.

Blog post for the week of January 23-29
A post by Rosey Revolver will air for the entire week.  She's one cool chic who makes hot jewelry!
January 23
Lori Anderson
of Pretty Things
Davinia Algeri of Deez News
January 24
Mary Jane Dodd
of Maire Dodd
Staci Louise Smith of Love My Art Jewelry
January 25
Lori Plyler of Studio Waterstone
Andrew Thornton of The Writings of Andrew Thornton
January 26
Greer O’Neill of Vintajia
Christine Damm of Stories They Tell
January 27
Crystal Neubauer of Other Peoples Flowers 
Malin deKoning of Beading by Malin deKoning
January 28
Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studios
Diane Cook of Rosa-Josie's
January 29
Stefanie Teufel of Stefanie's Sammelsurium
Erin Siegel of Erin Siegel Jewelry

I’m really looking forward to reading the posts Barbara has chosen to link back to. Hope you are too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Ready

Finally found a craft market here in Perth that I’ll be attending in March. Namely Boutique Markets and it will be held at the Burswood Casino in the Grand Ballroom (yay….indoor market). So it’s head down and bum up to make sure I have enough interesting pieces to showcase.

I have plenty of jewellery, probably enough to stock several shops.
Like this…….

….and this brooch…….
…..and this.

So I thought I would concentrate on polymer clay gift tags.

Fresh out of the oven.




Some still need to be stamped and glazed so I’d better get to it and stop playing Words with Friends. So addictive!!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Keep Calm, Don’t Be Alarmed…..

…..this is not turning into a food blog.

Finishing salts, spiced salts, herbed salts or seasoned salts, call them what you will. I made some. Why you may ask? I have no clue, I just did.


Citrus salt, Italian salt and Moroccan salt. I just bought rock salt and added different herbs and spice combinations. The Moroccan one has coriander (cilantro) cumin, chilli flakes, black pepper corns, and the Italian has chilli flakes, oregano, onions flakes and garlic flakes and black pepper corns. The Citrus is just the zest of two lemons dried in the microwave and added to the rock salt then ground in my little electric grinder. 
P1030774-1 P1030776-1

They are quite delicious, just add a sprinkle to fish or steak just before serving, hence the name Finishing Salts I guess.

Anyway, enough of the cooking stuff. Here’s a couple of pieces I’ve made over the last few days.

Dark pewter metallic clay with some random lime green circles from a cane I made. Yes……I made a cane!
Black coated chain with large black links from another chain that I used instead of jump rings.


These photos aren’t very true to colour and I think I’ll re-take them again.


I took them near the dining room window in the morning but they look a little washed out.

Silver clay textured and highlighted with pale gold metallic paint on a brass chain with toggle and clasp.



I’ve put these two in my madeit store.

Now this is a bit exciting…….If you’re so inclined you can have my blog as an app on your smart phone.
On your phone go to Safari, type in this URL Look for an icon at the bottom of the screen (a little square with an arrow) click on that and click Add to Home Screen. So now while your travelling to work on the bus or train you can while away the time by reading Deez News, or sitting in a coffee shop, or waiting at the Dentist or just any old time.