Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hotter Than Hades

Holy hellfire it’s hot here. We’ve had temps in the very high 30’s (about 100 degrees) for the last few days and we’ve evidently got another week or so of the same. Summer is my least favourite time of the year, I’m an autumn/winter lover. It is so hot at the moment that it’s impossible to do anything, forget putting the oven on for baking clay or even working with clay.

So here’s a few photos of some pieces I made over the last few weeks, when the weather was cooler.


Crescent shape with some texture highlighted with a dark glaze.

And as Valentines Day is fast approaching a heart pendant.


The flower is highlighted with viva paints.

A textured star pendant that’s maybe a little too Christmassy I think.


Highlighted again with viva paints and attached to a ball chain with jump rings.

Isn’t this gorgeous.

  Vellum light

It’s made with flowers punched from vellum and you can find the instruction on the 3 R’s blog. Wander around her blog and be amazed. Allison has many beautiful and very creative light shades on her blog all or most using recycled papers and have a look at her soda can pop tab light shades…..stunning.


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