Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Decorations

The decorations for the engagement party have started in earnest. So after perusing the internet for ideas I came across this.

Grey and yellow
Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought I’d try something similar, but after a few attempts and several colour changes (like 5) by the bride to be, I kind of gave up on the whole pinwheel idea. They were fiddly and I just wasn’t getting a good result.

So out came the trusty cuttlebug…….


…..and some dies.


I cut out 8 of these.

This die is gorgeous, it’s a spellbinder die but its a pain to use. Each time you make a cut you have to poke out all of the little bits of paper stuck in the grooves, pretty time consuming.

So I’m glad I don’t have to cut out too many.


Same with this little one, poke out the bits of paper. You can see the bits still stuck in it from the last cut that I made.



And this is what I ended up with, although this is just a prototype at the moment.


So my aim is to make enough to cover a board 60cm x 30cm.  Varying the colours of each one but keeping to the same scheme. And of course there will be some sort of polymer clay embellishment added to them as well.

This could take awhile! If it all works out like I hope I’ll take photos.


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