Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An addition to yesterdays post

They didn't really make me a cake. It was Chas' birthday and that look of utter bliss on my face?.....well it was the tail end of "happly birthday to YOOOOUUUUU!!!"
and I couldn't resist adding a few more shots of the blokes I used to work with.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After 19 years............

I'll never have to fill in one of these......

......or enter the data from one of these

......or sit at this desk

......or work with this motley crew.....Good grief!!!!
.......because I have RETIRED !!! After 19 long years in the same job, casual, full time, and permanent partime. What a strange feeling. I couldn't have picked a worse time either, what with world wide depression or recession (take your pick) looming , unemployment set to rise, job scarcity etc. etc. etc. But I'm not phased, I'll just keep the faith and let the universe work it out and drop some fantastic, interesting, worthwhile job in my lap. Too much to ask? And what did I do on my first day of retirement you may ask, vacuumed the whole house and washed the floors then right on the dot of 3 p.m when I would be leaving work, I awoke from a lovelly "seniors snooze" on the couch.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

One I forgot

Well I didn't actually forget to add this picture, for some reason when I uploaded them from Picasa this one got left behind. This is one of Kerin's pages that she was working on and in between doing her thing she very kindly showed me how to do my image with the fabric stitched to it. Thank's Kerin. So scroll down to the next post to see the other girls work. keep scrolling.........just a bit further!

Journal Junkies

Well Sunday was our first "Journal Junkies" get together. We decided to hire a hall instead of trying to squash into our respective houses. As there's 8 of us and with all our "stuff", we thought a hall would serve our purpose a lot better, which it did. It was very spacious with plenty of tables and chairs, a kitchen, really good light and lots of room to spread out. Everyone arrived pretty much on time with the exception of Suzzanne, but we know she's always late.........I think we'll have to call her "Got lost again Suzzanne" . Only one didn't turn up, but she's busy swanning around Canada and taking lovelly little day trips to Niagra Falls..... aren't you Joanie. Thank you Carmen for organising the hall and the beautiful strawberries and icecream you brought, they were delicious. Everyone worked on their respective projects, some doing pages for various journals they are working on. Kerin working on a wedding album she is making for a friend and all of us being very productive. I hope I haven't mixed up any ones work, if so let me know.

This is what I did. A bit of sewing and glueing.

This is Carmen's

This is Anna's

This is Joan's

This is Suzzanne's

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