Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After 19 years............

I'll never have to fill in one of these......

......or enter the data from one of these

......or sit at this desk

......or work with this motley crew.....Good grief!!!!
.......because I have RETIRED !!! After 19 long years in the same job, casual, full time, and permanent partime. What a strange feeling. I couldn't have picked a worse time either, what with world wide depression or recession (take your pick) looming , unemployment set to rise, job scarcity etc. etc. etc. But I'm not phased, I'll just keep the faith and let the universe work it out and drop some fantastic, interesting, worthwhile job in my lap. Too much to ask? And what did I do on my first day of retirement you may ask, vacuumed the whole house and washed the floors then right on the dot of 3 p.m when I would be leaving work, I awoke from a lovelly "seniors snooze" on the couch.
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