Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bulgari Inspiration

I was watching Private Practice a couple of weeks ago and Adison’s mother was marrying her gay lover. (you may have seen this episode) and she wore the most gorgeous necklace.

It looked much better on her than in this picture. Anyway……I used it as the inspirations for this.


Ok, so the Bulgari is probably made with white gold and precious diamonds and mine is made with polymer clay and and pan pastels, no comparison I know.


But mine is a heck of a lot less expensive.


Plus I had a lot of fun making it. Although I think next time I’ll make the pendants a bit smaller and shorten the chain so it sits higher up.

Joanie and I are off to the craft and quilt show today. Every year I say I’m not going again and every year I change my mind in the hope that there will be new and exciting things to see and buy. I may even attempt photographing some things.


Experimenting with hand drawn pendants. Back to the drawing board I think.


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