Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday I rebelled!

Saturday is wash day. I usually do a couple of loads through the week but most of it gets done on a Saturday as I figure everyone has enough clean clothes for the rest of the week. Most Saturdays I get out of the washing because I'm with mum so Chas & Brighita between them do most of it (for which I'm very thankful). So when I get home on Saturdays usually there's no-one home (Chas at soccer, Brighita shopping) but there is usually one load of washing left in the machine ready to hang out and invariably it's the SHITTY LOAD! You know the one, 28 pairs of jocks and 32 pairs of sock all in varying shades of black.
Now being the good wife and mother that i am i stand there for 45 minutes and match up all the socks into their respective pairs and hang them on my circular clothes peggy things. The clothes peggy things are circular circles (ha!) with about twenty pegs hanging off them. Ideal for hanging on the line because if it rains you can just run out and take the whole thing off the line and you have just saved twenty pairs of socks or knickers from getting wet in one fell swoop. Plus you hang the peggy things at the back of the line and no-one can see how big your bonds cotton tails are (could sail a yacht with those babies).
Well yesterday I said no more. No more pairing up the socks, I'm sick of it, do you know how hard it is to match up black socks. almost impossible so yesterday I just hung them all higgledy piggledy and whoever the unlucky person is that takes the clothes off the line will have to match them up (what's the bet it ends up being me).
Something else I've noticed as I'm getting older with regards to the washing, I'm starting to get a bit obessive with pegs. Now I find myself making sure that each item of clothing has the same coloured pegs holding it up and even sometimes colour matching....... you know, the purple pegs don't look good on the brown t shirt, lime green ones would look better!
I need to live life on the edge a bit more!


  1. Hi Tweet,
    That bit about matching the pegs reminds me of a letter I read in a magazine years ago. A lady had written in to say that she couldn't help thinking that her pegs had feelings and that the old ones would get upset if she put them at the back of the clothes line and put the new ones in the front. So she would make sure she put an old peg with a new peg to show that she loved them equally. Of course once reading that I had to do it too! I wish you hadn't told me about colour coordinating the pegs and clothes. Now I'll have to do that too!! Damn!!

  2. Maybe if you spent a bit more time practising putting the socks together you'd get better at it and it wouldn't take you 45 minutes anymore!

  3. Okay, so there's a couple of things...make everyone have different coloured socks! My hubby wears brown with his work boots and my son wears black and I always buy exactly the same sort so it's easy. Secondly, always get someone else to do the washing...then it's not your problem. Your time is spent better doing art so you feel good about yourself and then you could care less about matching socks. lol
    p.s. your slide show looks great!