Friday, July 4, 2008

New bracelet

This is my new bracelet. I had some birthday money left over and decided to join the craze and get a Pandora Bracelet. Not the cheapest exercise but they are gorgeous and all the charms and beads are so pretty I couldn't resist. But now I can get the family to buy me beads for special occasions, birthday, mothers day and christmas.


  1. Gorgeous Davinia! Love the turquoise of that bead, I'm guessing it's a Murano glass bead! My 1st Pandora is almost full so it'll be onto my 2nd one soon, and darn....they get heavy!!!

  2. It's really pretty Tweet. Damn, I'll have to join this craze now I s'pose.

    BTW just reading one of Anne Tyler's books - "When we were grownups" - One of the characters in it (Minerva) looked a bit Chinese when she was born so her father nicknamed her "Min Foo" and the name stuck, just like "Tweet". So guess you can be thankful for small mercies. You could have ended up with a much worse pet name :-).