Monday, June 2, 2008

A few more photos

Just a few more photos. Chas's mum and dad went to a wedding yesterday and Rina rang to ask me to take some photos of them before they went. When I got to her house she had set up this lovely area near the pool with all sorts of props. I don't know whose wedding it was they were going to (second cousin of a godmother twice removed!) Anyway they both looked very nice.

The next couple of photos: Chas and I had to pick Brighita up at the airport so we left a bit early and to kill a bit of time we drove down to the river at the back of Ascot race course. These were taken today.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment or two, just so I know somebody is reading my blog. Took me bloomin' long enough to set it up so you better read it or else. Also if you click on the images you can enlarge them I think.


  1. Nice pics, Tweet. Chas's Dad is very debonair looking isn't he. Mrs Algeri looks lovely too. I love the pics by the river.
    Love, Annette.

  2. Oh and BTW you can enlarge the pics if you click on them.
    Annette :-)

  3. Love your Blog.
    You are such a crafty lady. Can't believe how you have progressed, very proud of you.
    Made Peri Peri chicken. Big success. Juliano decided he doesn't like tsatsiki after all. That after I peeled, deseeded grated and slowly drained my very f.. expensive cucumber. Anyway, if I ever find out that he has been eating tsatsiki , he will have to move out.
    Take care talk to you tomorrow.