Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Story Board

I just can’t seem to get myself into gear. I blame it on the heat. Summer time is never a very productive time for me, the heat, humidity and general lethargy aren’t conducive to creating stuff.

Take today for example. The house is all mine for at least 8 hours. No need to stress about what to cook for dinner, no urgent and pressing housework needs to be done, a guilt free day all to myself, the weather is relatively cool, but you know what….I can’t seem to get going. The fact that it’s a coolish day should have me motivated to get out the clay and crank up the oven and play with clay all day. But here I sit at the computer, wasting time, well not really, you my dear readers are not a waste of time, stalling would probably be a better way of describing it.

So what I’ve done instead is create a story board.

Blue green pendant

I’ve used images from the amazingly talented artisans on Artfire. I looked for clothes and accessories that I thought would compliment my necklace and I found some beauties.

Left to right.

Shoes from Tialey Vintage (aren’t they gorgeous). Brighita they are your size!!!!!
Rosette from Creations by Ingrid (would look gorgeous pinned to a crisp white shirt).
Necklace from Back Pocket Designs (little ol’ me).
Skirt from byKeona (wish I still had a waist).
Bag from Originals by Cindy (how sassy is that bag).

There is a wealth of talent on Artfire. So go and check it out but don’t blame me if your credit card gets a workout.


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