Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Artfire Collection……..

…….and it made the front page!

Just a few days ago I joined a Guild on Artfire called Jewellery Creators Unite in Numbers. One of the requirements is to put a collection together using images from the studios of members from the guild. Well I’d never attempted to create a collection before so it was all a bit new and daunting, but I persevered (it was much easier than I thought) and posted it and then kind of forgot about it. Well lo and behold when I logged into Artfire this morning there was my collection on the front page. Such excitement.

Art Fire Screen Grab

I called the collection Perfect Pendants and tried to showcase a variety of necklaces with beautiful pendants and drops (popped one of mine in as well).

So if you’re quick you can head over there and see it in all it’s glory and have a look through the studios of the very creative artisans whose work is featured.


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