Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knit One, Purl One, then Add A Brooch

I despair of ever seeing any cold weather arriving here. For months it’s just been unrelenting heat and most days high humidity and I’m dreaming of  cool days and cold nights. So in anticipation of some cool refreshing weather arriving here in the not too distant future, I’ve started knitting. It all began with arranging a trip to Victoria to visit my sisters. Now Victoria doesn’t really have much of a summer and autumn and winter are very cold to I thought I’d knit myself a cowl.


I’ve made quite  few brooches in clay over the last week or so.


Still playing around with shapes and colours.


And in some I’ve managed to incorporate some of my never ending supply of wallpaper.


I’ll be away for 10 days but will have access to a computer and I’ll try and post and I’ll check my Artfire store daily but I’ll be unable to post any orders until the 20th April.

Watch out Melbourne retail……..I’m on my way!!!!!!!


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