Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Pretty Jazzed

Well here she is.....my new car!!! Isn't she gorgeous? My brand new......brand new........did I tell you it's brand new? Honda Jazz. I picked it up yesterday afternoon and it's so good to drive. My most favourite part of the car is the icy cold air con, in the succint words of Andy ,"no boob sweat" for this girl this summer, but I love the power windows and I also love the central locking and all the gadgetry on the dashboard. It was a bit scary driving home especially along Leach Highway amongst all the huge semi trailers and then onto the freeway with all the peak hour afternoon traffic. I had my sister in law with me and if you knew her you would know what an excrutiating ride home it was for her. (she drives a zippy little mazda sports car and just between us......well think demerit points and loss of.....and a slight lead foot). I drove very slowly and very carefully and didn't get out of the left hand lane all the way home.

Ahhhh!!!!! The smell of a new car.
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