Sunday, July 8, 2012


Now life is slowly getting back to normal and the last of my relatives leave today I have some time to post to my poor neglected blog.

You may remember I’ve become a Design Team Member for my lovely friend Mel and her wonderful molds. I made these pieces a few weeks ago but with the passing of my mum and a house full of guests here for her funeral I was unable to take photos and post.

First up is a macramé bracelet I made using this mold.

oval mold

I used turquoise premo clay and continued the neon theme with orange embroidery cotton for the band.



I baked the piece laying across a small glass jar to give it a slight curve so it sits on the wrist nicely.

The next piece is from this mold. I’m giving birds and owls the flick (temporarily) and starting a love affair with rabbits.

Rabbit mold



I used Ecru premo clay and after he was baked I coloured him with alcohol inks and then sanded back a little to highlight his features. He’s cute isn’t he.

Brass chain, round connectors and a fancy schmancy brass connector and some small dyed fire agate beads in blues and caramel wired together. Long enough to slip over your head so I didn’t use a toggle and clasp.


  1. Beautiful! Especially the bunny one. Strolled through the markets at Southbank this morning. Saw some handmade jewellery ... meh ... not half as nice as you make. xx

    1. But you have to say nice things about my stuff.....your my sister.

  2. I also love your creations. The Bunny is so cute. Most of all I like the bracelet.

  3. Cute Cute! Very clever to bake it on the jar to make it curve!

  4. I adore moulds, too, and these are certainly lovely! I think of moulds as a starting point, an idea which we develop into something unique. These pieces are beautifully one of a kind!

    Davinia, please allow me to express my deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your sweet Mum. Our cherished best friends, the place we first feel unconditional love and acceptance: our dear mothers are so deeply missed, and we feel their absence so acutely. Though the pain may dull a little with time, thankfully our memories never will!

  5. Very cool moulds...I tried polymer clay once and I think I cooked the daylights out of it!!! Your pieces are great! I'm always impressed with your versatile artistic ability...


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