Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Continuing Kitchen Saga


It’s still not finished, but there are only a few small things to finish off. But we did come up against a fairly major obstacle………THE.FRIDGE.DOESN’T.FIT. Well it does fit into the alcove but we can’t manoeuvre it into it’s home due to the fact that the stupid thing will only roll backwards and forwards and not sideways which is what we want it to do in order for us to get it in. Cabinet maker comes back on Tuesday to see what can be done.

Meanwhile I did manage to squeeze into my studio (amongst all the chairs and other assorted kitchen paraphernalia) and made a necklace.


The pendant was made quite some time ago. Textured clay embedded in a bezel.




Most of the beads are from my Bali Stash and I have no idea what they are.




I’ve threaded everything onto cream coloured waxed linen cord and did some knotting too.




The toggle and clasp is from Bali also.







Cream clay antiqued with Golden’s raw umber.

To stave off boredom while my studio has been out of commission I’ve decided to make a quilt. My lovely friend and co-worker Joanie is helping me and yesterday we went fabric shopping. Joanie makes the most divine quilts and she was a huge help in the selection of colours and prints. I’m making a “slash and stack” quilt…….I know, my mind boggled a bit when I read the title. You can see a gorgeous example of one here on Knotty Gnome’s blog.


I’ve also started another blog. I came across Fat Mum Slims blog and she has a photo a day challenge happening with great daily prompts to help you along. So I’ve called my blog My 365 Daily Photo Project and I’m mainly using my iPhone to take pix and using different photo apps to play around with filters and frames. Stop by and have a look and feel free to leave a comment or advice, that would be great.



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  2. Nice Bali beads. Looking forward to see the finished quilt.

  3. oh no,Davinia...the fridge thing must be annoying! your pendant is the detail in it! I look forward to seeing your quilt...

    Thanks for stopping by my photo nice for you to visit! I've responded to your comments but I suppose I should copy them to your photo blog...

    keep cool...

  4. Kitchen re modeling is evil :) so sorry bout your fridge. That necklace is B-YOU-Tee-Full!!!!! Love it! Pictures of quilts please :)