Saturday, February 2, 2013


I finally cleared most of the kitchen things out of my studio today and dusted, sorted things and generally tidied up although it’s still not exactly how I would like it, but over the next few days I should be on top of it.

While I was tidying up I came across this necklace that I had started and never got around to finishing. I followed a polymer clay tutorial by Christy Uliczny of river valley designs on etsy and decided to make a this bib necklace using the two crescent shaped pieces.


It is a fun tutorial and luckily I had all the materials on hand the day I made the shapes.


Photos aren’t very good despite the fact that it’s about 38 degree Celsius with the  sun blazing down, it had shifted  too far past the window.


Not sure if I like it yet and may play around with it, possibly making two necklaces out of the shapes.



But it was lovely to be able to sit down at my desk and create something.

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