Friday, July 19, 2013

Wall Art

Now my kitchen is well and truly finished and functioning beautifully I might add, it needs some brightening up as it’s all a bit beige, so I decided to make some polymer clay plaques.

The kitchen has a large servery that opens up to the family room and above the framework and the ceiling is about a 20-25 cm area that is begging for some sort of decoration.

Photo 18-07-13 3 25 19 PM

Sorry about the quality of the photo it was late afternoon and the sun was shining in through the family room windows and doors. Made it a bit awkward to get a decent shot.

Well I had this idea in my head of what I wanted to put up there but as usual transferring the idea from head to reality sometimes doesn't work.

Photo 18-07-13 2 35 04 PM

I had a big clean up in my studio so I was raring to crank up the past machine.

Photo 18-07-13 3 18 02 PM

Chose all the colours I thought would work and set to work. But once I had made four of them and saw them sitting in the baking tray ready for the oven I hated them.

Photo 18-07-13 4 26 06 PM

This morning I pulled off all the coloured bits and have re-designed them. There’s texture, there’s florals, and there will be paint. I’ve got a test one in the oven now and when its cooled down I’ll embellish it and if I like the look I’ll make some more.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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