Friday, September 5, 2008

Op Shop Treasures

I was out cruisin' the Op shops a couple of weeks ago and came across these photo stands. Two about 15 cm high and one about 25cm. I looked at them for a while and thought naaah! bit too glitzy, bit too ornate, bit too GOLD, so I wandered off down the other aisles to see what other treasures there were for me to buy. But I kept going back to these stands. Then I had an "arty" brain explosion and the possibilities for transforming these glitzy stands started up. They only cost a few dollars so I thought what the heck, if my ideas don't turn out then not huge waste.
So here is the stand after it's transformation. I painted it with black gesso and then highlited all the raised parts with silver Rubb & Buff, looks so much better now I think than it did before.

I had a workshop last Saturday with the very talented Kelsey and we painted a small canvas and then made 9 "inchies" which were then attached to the canvas. The inchies were decorated with paint, various images and bits and bobs and my re-vamped photo stand is the perfect size to display my inchie canvas on. What do you think?


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