Saturday, August 23, 2008

90th Birthday


It was mums' 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I'm a bit late posting this, but better late than never. Although when you're 90 things shouldn't be left for too long should they. It was the first time in about 30 years that we have all been together, seeing as how everyone is scattered all over the country. It was great to all catch up and spend some time together. The birthday lunch was delicious "homemade" pumkin soup and little quiches and party pies and sausage rolls and delicious birthday cake.

Here we all are in our matronly glory! the H-W girls, all six of us plus mum. Seven women in a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom co-existing. Not the most harmonious at times. Especially Saturday nights when we were all trying to get ready to go out (1 bathroom, remember). But we've all turned out OK and poor mum has survived all that cooking, washing, cleaning and sewing she did for us. Thanks mum.
Here's the lowdown on us, oldest to youngest: (tongue firmly in cheek)

B. She bellowed and was bossy and we were all a little afraid of her. But now she's a GRANDMA to a sweet little boy, she's just a big mushy pushover and we can all boss her now.

J. Slightly bohemian, swanning around town in her red wool cape and black boots.

A. She was the door slammer of the family, now she just slams down vodka shots.....hey who said that...that's not true....she's very conservative and is Our Lady of the Books.

D. that's me........we'll get back to me in a moment.

M. Always had two big lumps on here forehead from falling over all the time. But she has produced a beautiful gifted child, so there is something to be said for numerous blows to the head at a young age.

N. She was the plumpest, yummiest baby and I used to kiss her from the morning till the night which probably explains why she moved to the other side of the country and is slightly disturbed. (not really)

Then there's me. Well........I was the sweetest, most polite, helpful and obliging child and everyone loved me. OK?

(all nasty comments from the sisters will be all know who you are)


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