Friday, August 15, 2008

Having a Whinge

I was watching Grumpy Old Women the other night on the ABC and it wasn't a terribly funny episode so that made me a little annoyed. After hours and hours of Olympics (any one who knows me knows I'm not a fan of sports, especially hours of uninterupted sport on TV) I was looking forward to some light relief, a belly laugh or three, something that I could relate to, something I could agree with and say, yes, yes, I know exactly what you mean. But alas, it was all pretty standard I decided to make my own list of things that annoy me, that make me grumpy, that make want to run screaming down the street and yelling why, why, WHY.

So here's my list:

1. Checkout chics who don't know what an avacado is..........seriously.

2. Photoshop....why hasn't someone written a "how to" book that explains things, step by labourious step, for us Baby Boomers who haven't a clue about anything to do with computers, (at least we know what an avacado is!). Even my copy of Photoshop for Seniors is of no use whatsoever.

3. Petrol stations.....remember back in the good old days when you got service. They filled your tank, checked your oil, washed the windscreen, took your money and brought back the change all with you not having to exit your vehicle. Now we pay them for the priviledge of doing all those tasks and get charged extra when we use a credit card!

4. Crock pots......The new crock pots don't cook like the old ones did. The temperature is too high and everything dries out and it's tough. Evidently it's to do with food safety standards, someone could become ill from food that wasn't cooked properly. Well I'd like to know how many "crock pot" deaths have been recorded since their invention. None I suspect.

5. Husbands who think that sport is the only good thing on TV. I mean what's wrong with Home and Away, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Better Homes and Gardens and best of all Dancing with the Stars. I mean really, the man has no taste when it comes to TV viewing.

6. This is the one that makes me the grumpiest of all. Loud music in shops. Can't stand it, it drives me absolutely insane. Every shop you enter has loud music which is competing with the piped music from the shopping centre. I don't understand it. I would think that shop owners would want to provide a pleasurable experience for their customers, to keep them browsing longer in the hopes the customer will eventually spend some money. Not me....if the music is too loud I walk straight out. I have even asked in some shops for the music to be turned down! Then the young assistants look at me like I'm a Grumpy Old Women ......the cheek of it all.

..........when I'm grumpy ............. ..........I look like this.

.........and when I'm really grumpy..............

..........I morph into this!

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  1. hooray!! It works

    It's Carmen by the way