Friday, August 1, 2008

A Mortifying Moment

I've only had my printer for about three months and a couple of weeks ago it went berserk with lots of clanging and screeching. It kept telling me that I had a paper jam. Well I turned that printer upside down and inside out looking for jammed paper and couldn't find any. so I rang the the printer company and was told to bring it in. On a very wet, windy, stormy day I drove to the other side of town dodging debris that had blown over the road and stupid windscreen wipers that only work properly if you are doing 100k's down the freeway and of course hoping all the way that when I got there I would find a park right out the front. But in between showers I tried to run down the road carrying that stupid bulky printer without dropping it and dodging the rain. Running, bulky and rain shouldn't be in the same sentence. So I finally get in there and tell the guy the problem and there is definitely no jammed paper in there because I have looked and I'm not very happy that after only 3 months the printer is broken. (There was no mistaking the cutting tone in my voice........see above ATC). Well two weeks went by and I finally got a call saying it was ready and there certainly was paper jammed in the printer. I went to pick it up and the service guy and very kindly folded up and taped to the top of it the piece of paper that had been caught. When I got home and connected it all again I was curious to see what was on the jammed piece of paper. Imagine my horror, embarresment and mortification when I saw what it was.............

Now I have to explain..........Chas brings home lots of scrap paper from work which I use when I'm doing a test print run. I never look to see what's on the other side, just bung it in the printer and away I go, but from now on I think I'll do a little checking before I hit the print button just in case. What must the printer service guy be thinking!


  1. Well Davinia!!! That'll teach you won't it! lol Luckily it wasn't any of the pictures that you download with the "safe search" in off mode when you google about men in their skimpies! hahahahaha

  2. hahaha... now of course that could only happen to you!! too funny!
    happy to discover your blog!!

  3. Hahahahahaha!!! It's the sort of thing that would happen to me.
    I'm curious to know where the jammed paper was hidden. Is you printer an HP brand by any chance? I had a new HP which kept giving me the "jammed paper" message. I couldn't find any paper either & being in T'vlle, didn't have the luxury of being able to take it back to the manufacturer. In the end I gave up and bought an Epson brand, which I've used since I started using computers and haven't had a single problem since.

  4. That just made my day!

    One reason why the paper may have jammed is because it has already gone through a printer. Even though it looks perfectly flat to the eye it may not be for your printer and therefore causing jams.