Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Retreat

Well here I am on my own personal 'art retreat'. Every year my sister and her husband and their son go down south for about a week and I house sit for them. Feed the cat, water the plants, feed the fish and just generally make the place look lived in. This year I'm a bit nervous as the cat who is 17 years old is not well and the Siamese Fighting fish is on it's last legs (fins). Just my luck they will both go to God on my watch.
I've come here with one bag of clothes and toiletries and 5 bags of art stuff. I do it every year and always bring way too much with me, so this year I decided I would bring just the bare minimum of art equipment and just make do and try and stretch myself a bit. But I don't know.......I just kept looking at stuff and thinking I might need that, or I'll probably kick myself if I don't put that in the bag, I need images, gesso would be good, a bit of texture paste would be nice, I should try out the new Tim Holtz metallic crackle paint I just bought, so 5 bags later here I am with it all spread out on the table.
But it is so lovely not to have to worry about cooking, cleaning, washing and work. If I want to sit at the table from 5 a.m. till midnight I can. I can leave the whole table covered with stuff and not worry about clearing it all off to make way for dinner. Bliss!
Plus I get to watch whatever I like on TV and I eat frozen dinners and takeaways all week.
Hopefully at the end of the week I will have some art work to share with you.


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