Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

Not a fan of New Years Eve and tried to get out of celebrating it this year by tempting the other half with staying at home and having a feast of seafood, crayfish, prawns, crabs and me(thanks for the idea Carmen). But noooo......he wanted to go out. So off we went to Gloucester Park (again). It was as hot as Hades and a million other people had the same idea, so after trawling for a carpark and then making our way through the throngs of people we finally got inside and fortunately SIL had managed to find a table and chairs for us.
Now I'm not a great punter and usually just look for horses with quirky names. Things like "Maybe Mortadella" or "Could be Glue" but alas there wasn't a quirky name amongst all those horses so the only way I could amuse myself was to sit and people watch. We had the perfect spot because we were sitting on one side of walkway that went from one side of the track to the other and it was just a passing parade of weird and wonderful sights. The funniest being all the young girls that teetered and tottered past us in their 15cm stillettos (sp). I have to tell you that there were a lot of 'cankles' that shouldn't be within spitting distance of a pair of very high, strappy slingbacks and a lot of 'thunder thighs' that have no business poking out from under a micro mini dress. Oh dear! And don't get me started on the young thing that sauntered past us in a French Maids outfit, I kid you not, right down to the thigh high stockings and little frilly apron.
All our respective husbands, partners and boyfriends wanted to know why we didn't dress like that when we did the housework. Needless to say after wiping various cocktail concoctions off their faces, they went back to punting!
And the blokes.....what's with the fashion of the baggy hipster jeans. They should be called 'dickster' jeans because another half centre metre and that's exactly what you would see. The back pockets are halfway down their thighs along with the crotch and it really does look like they've had an 'accident'. Oh dear! Give me a guy in a nice pair of Levis 501's anyday. But the funniest sight of all was at the end of the night watching all the girls in high heels hobble back past us and I knew exactly how they felt. The balls of the feet stinging and burning, the toes so cramped that they feel like they will never straighten out again, legs aching and all they want to do is sit down and kick off those heels and have a good long soak in Radox.

The fireworks were spectacular and the best part of the whole very long night. So that was the end of another year. A year that has gone too quickly and each year seems to fly by quicker than the one before. Hope this year brings you all Health, Peace and Prosperity. Happy New Year.


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