Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burnt Offerings

Well it had to happen some time I suppose. My first (and hopefully my last) tray of scorched and burnt beyond rescue polymer clay. I was given a  little convection oven a couple of weeks ago that had hardly been used, and as it is the same make as my bigger bench top oven, Delonghi, I trusted it would keep the temperature at a constant level the same as my bigger one. Well I was wrong. I could have cried, so much time and effort went into these pieces and look at them. Ruined!!!!! Wah.

The pieces that look like a caramel colour were actually white before I cooked them. And the one in the middle of the picture above was an ecru colour with a black stamp. Well that bubbled up like volcano lava.

Maybe I can paint some of them. But most are beyond rescuing me thinks.

These earring were so pretty once upon a time.

Well here’s something that doesn’t look like it was rescued from a house fire.

The pendant was made in a faux jade class with Pam a couple of weeks ago. I had a different pendant on this necklace but was never very happy with the way it looked so I removed and replaced it with this new one and I like it. In fact I love it and the faux jade technique, of which there a few, is such fun because there are so many shades of jade from emerald green right through to light almost translucent. You can use embossing powders and alcohol inks and several other inclusions to get the colour you like. Definitely a technique I’m going to explore more. You know me and green!


The other beads are olive jade (the light green) and the darker green are Nephrite. Lovely gunmetal silver chain and lime green glass chips.

Well is rubbish pickup day tomorrow so I may as well go and turf out my putrid polymer and go back to the drawing board and my old reliable oven.
Note to self: next time you smell a peculiar odour emanating from the kitchen, investigate!
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