Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pesky Parrots

See these little guys? Cute aren’t they……wrong. These little blighters have been coming into our garden for the last few years and eating our figs. I hear them in the morning and I fly out the back door and wave my arms and yell things like…yeh, you better fly away you little buggers. I used to get the hose and squirt them but with the drought and all, wasting even a single drop of water is a crime against humanity, so now I just jump around like a demented diva and yell stupid things at them.

A few years ago after having decimated the figs and eaten all the other neighbours fruit they were still hungry so they perched on my basil plants which were going to seed and proceeded to strip them of all the dried seeds.

And as I stood there watching them it occurred to me if I caught one, killed it and cooked it I could name the dish Pesto Parrot.

But then if I was quick enough to catch one (highly unlikely) how would I kill it and then I’d have to pluck it (guess I could use the feathers for jewelry ha!) and the worst part would be taking out it’s gizzards…eweeee.

So needless to say the thought of catching, killing and cooking a parrot was just a brief moment of madness.


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