Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In my last polymer clay class with Pam she showed me quite a few different techniques for image transfers and towards the end of the lesson we had a quick play with foils. Lots of things can be done with foils from getting a nice crackled antique look to imitation dichroic (sp) glass. Not being a big fan of dichroic glass I decided to play around and see what else I could come up with using these different coloured shiny pieces of plastic.

Pam gave me a small piece of black foil to take home and I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with it. The pieces below are white clay covered with black and I really like the sort of scratched and slightly mottled look. They make me think of photo negatives…….don’t know why.

So the one pendant that I loved the most became this necklace.


I’ve also branched out and made some brooches using my stampotique stamps. Love these gals. They’re so kooky and out there.

She’s my favourite.

Not the best picture…sorry. Stamped on to a denim coloured clay because I think they would look good with jeans and shirts.

Just another necklace with a crescent shape that I stamped with script and added the wings.
The days just seem to be flying by. I’ve started a bit of Christmas shopping already and over the next few days hope to make start on the Christmas cards. It’s such a busy time and I always like to try and get to the shops before the school holidays start because it’s bedlam by then.

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