Friday, November 19, 2010

Op Shop Prop Shopping

Try saying that ten times really, really fast.
Now I have market stall I’m always on the look out for interesting props. And because it’s an outdoor set up I have to be mindful of the wind which seems to blow at the rate of knots every Saturday morning.
Yesterday after dropping a whole lot of stuff off at my favourite Save the Children Fund op shop and buying some used books (they have the best priced used books and it’s all set out like a library) I decided to take the Op Shop Route home.
These cute things, I have no idea what they were originally for but I know from the packaging they are from Ikea seemed like the perfect little stand to hang bracelets from……

….and earrings.

Last week we had a new lady Kathy join us on Saturday morning selling a range of bric-a-brac. I pounced on this wrought iron basket as soon I saw it. Great for earring packages.

Of course it will be filled to the brim on Saturday.
And how cute is this! A tiny little dress form covered in fabric and just perfect to drape a bracelet around the neck.

During the week I also made a sign. Good old Cuttlebug letters cut out of wallpaper, glued on and some pretty stamping around the edges.

Each week I seem to end up taking more and more stuff with me. Soon I’ll have to buy a Kombi van just to get it all there!


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