Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally Finished

I’ve finished these pendants at long last. I was waiting for some chain and bails to arrive in the mail which held me up. But now they’re done and listed on Artfire.


Now here is a great photography tip that I came across I while ago. You know how you visit  a blog, then click on another blog on that one, then click on a link, then another blog and so on and so until you’re so deeply entrenched in blog world that you can’t find your way out or remember where you started from. Well this is how I came across this tip and I’m sorry I can’t credit the person who thought of it. It’s certainly not my idea, but it’s a good one.

When taking photos of jewelry sometimes you’d like an interesting background using scrapbook paper or something patterned but quite often the interesting background overshadows the object your photographing. Try this, place a sheet of white vellum over the paper and then shoot. It just mutes the paper enough to not overpower but you can still see the pattern.

Paper dolls
Makes a difference doesn’t it?

This necklace uses scrap clay. I added all sorts of things to it just to see what would happen. There’s foils, stamping, weird colour combos and quite possibly the odd bit of fluff and dust.


I really love it but the small discs keep flipping over when I wear it which is a bit of problem because they’re only patterned on one side. Why do they do that I wonder?


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