Monday, June 4, 2012


I’d rather wear one on my head than on my tooth, but that’s what’s happening tomorrow, a date with the dentist.

So the last day or two I’ve been playing with neon clay and made some necklaces, I’ve also got some beads in the oven in readiness for a bracelet.
I’ve listed these in my madeit store.

So after all these really bright colours I made something a bit more subdued.


A mid grey pendant, textured and highlighted with pan pastels using Paynes Grey colour. It’s one of my favourite colours, sort of a mix of dark blue, with smoky dark purple undertones. The beads are howlite and I finished it off with some decorative chain.


This one is listed in my store too.


  1. We are on some kind of twinned trajectory on opposite sides of the world - I just had my second crown started today! My second gold tooth will soon be gleaming palely and discreetly (I hope ) in my mouth.

  2. Great pieces, love the black and grey! I've a crown as well...just one of those things as we age, if we want to keep a mouth full of teeth! :~)