Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OOH-OOH, OOOOH, I’m on Fire

The title sung with your best Bruce Springsteen voice.

This is what my feet look like………


…….and this is what they feel like.

Ugly feet

In-grown toe nail surgery. All very unglamorous and rather annoying because I’m supposed to be resting with my feet up, which means there’s not a lot I can do. And my podiatrist is going straight to hell for telling falsehoods…..she said it wouldn’t hurt, well the actual surgery didn’t but now they are throbbing somewhat and it’s a chore to get from the recliner chair to the kitchen to make coffee, or go to the toilet. I’m I site, I have pair of DH’s old stretched socks on and slip on sandals and I’m hobbling around like a little old lady.

Hopefully by the weekend I’ll come good.


  1. That second photo is way too disgusting for words....feel better.

  2. Is that what we have to look forward to from now on?