Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Was Unplugged

For three days no internet and it just goes to show how much we rely on it. Every time I thought to do something I was stymied by the fact that I was internet-less.  Couldn’t check emails, couldn’t read blogs,  googling was impossible and because my employment is all on-line I was kind of jobless too.

Anyway it’s up and working again thank goodness, so to celebrate I thought I’d show you some lovelies I’ve found whilst browsing before I lost my connection.

Aren’t these pretty? Crochet lamp shades. More info here.

crochet lamp shades

This is a great idea for using up scraps of fabric, chain and lace. Instructions here.

Multi strand necklace

And another idea for using up scraps and upcycling. Instructions here.


Have a great weekend.


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