Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Studio

Changing circumstances in our family have necessitated moving my studio to another room, well two rooms really. Lucky me. So now I’m at the other end of the house with easy access to a water source should I need it (plus a toilet in close proximity).

So my wonderful sister-in-law came over and had me all moved and organised in under an hour. DH always complains I’ve got so much stuff and I always deny it, but after moving rooms I’m kind of inclined to agree with him (although I would never admit it).
I could never work out why I was reluctant to work in my old studio in the afternoons and now I know why, it was the light, or lack of. The new rooms have bigger windows and the rooms are much brighter.
My new studio
One of my desks next to the window with the added benefit of a window sill for a bit of extra storage.


I wont show the other room as it’s a bit cluttered and messy but I’ve managed to set up a photography table next to the window with the hopes of getting decent photos.

This is what I’ve been working on since I moved in. Different shapes, paints, textures etc. and these were all taken by the window of my new photography set up.

This one below is a mixture of periwinkle blue, coral and smidgeon of black acrylic transparent paints. They have a lovely shimmer which isn’t evident in the photo.


Not quite done with this shimmery sage green flower. Possibly a bit of antiquing and sanding.

Below some pieces that will become earrings.
More potential earrings using the same texture as the first pendant.

So who knows what kind of creativity (if any) will emerge from my new studio, only time will tell.


  1. ohhhh, I love the texture on the first beads that are to become earrings. Kinda looks like lava

  2. Love the new studio! I am so jealous! I have terrible light in mine and need 3 lights on at all times. Plus it is a mess and I need to get rid of some of my jewelry tools............more to donate I guess!

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