Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today I Baked

And it wasn't clay. Today I baked a cake from scratch and not from a packet. I mentioned to Carmen the other day that I was going to attempt one now I had the use of a great mix master and she scoffed......yes scoffed if you please. So I decided to text her evidence of my culinary efforts which started a texting marathon that lasted long into the afternoon.

The day we discussed the whole cake making thing, she gave me all these instructions (more like demands really) e.g. Don't use self raising flour, use plane flour with baking powder, real butter not margarine, make sure the sugar and butter are beaten to within an inch of their lives, eggs must be room temperature, proper vanilla not extract etc. etc. etc.



You can see we're not the best texters boomers, what can I say.



  1. That is just hilarious. Love it ... Make sure you keep some for me until Monday or you are a dead women walking!

    1. Yes we will have morning tea with real cake and real coffee.

  2. Make sure it's not sweating lol.

  3. OMG you two are hilarious. I am NEVER getting one of those texting thingies LOL

  4. lol...that was priceless!!! So funny...I actually enjoy texting...I'm not one to talk on the phone because a quick call ends up being an hour so I text say what I want and be done with it. I do have a tendency of getting distracted texting works best for me...:~)

    Enjoy your cake...

  5. LOL... thanks for making my morning! I hardly ever text or use the phone. Tech savy I am not....