Sunday, December 13, 2009


Been very busy this week. Worked every day except Tuesday and my mum was in hospital from last Sunday until yesterday. With the hospital a 40 minute drive each way, there wasn't much time left for playing. I was pretty tired each night I have to say and each evening I was nodding off in front of the TV by about 8.30 pm.
I'm happy to report that my mum is much better although not nearly 100% improved. but with her age comes all sorts of health related problems and healing takes so much longer.
So below is just a mish mash of different black and silver beads just randomly threaded onto beading wire with a toggle clasp. Quite long, but it drapes nicely.
I bought some Beadalon rubber tubing the other day with a design in mind. Lordy..... this is not the design I pictured at all. That design just isn't coming to fruition until I find the right coloured and shaped beads that are in my head. Perhaps they don't exist at all. So I twisted wire on my Artistic Wire worker and threaded it onto the tubing (with a great deal of difficulty I might add) and added some orange glass beads and made a pair of earrings to match.
More rubber tubing that I cut into sections a little under 2cm long, then threaded beading wire through the tubing along with silver beads and added some small beads that I uh....ummm wire wrapped (it's getting worse instead of better).
Both of the tubing necklaces had to be threaded onto beading wire because I forgot to buy the ends for them so I needed to be able to add some sort of closure clasp to them. The orange one has a magnetic clasp and the other has a toggle clasp.
I think I'll go and glue wallpaper now.


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