Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Magnetic Serendipity

Of late I've been having trouble with closures on bracelets. I don't know, maybe I have weird wrists or something because I can't seem to get the different methods to work for me.
Parrot or Lobster clasps like the one below are very problematic for me. I either need to grow an extra arm or have double jointed thumbs, neither of which are likely to happen, so I always have to get someone to do it up for me.
Toggle clasps pose another set of problems. I like to wear bracelets fairly snug on my wrist and usually they seem to be a bit tight for the toggle and clasp to work how they are supposed to.
So I decided to try magnetic clasps and I think I'm on to a winner.
A couple of nights ago I "whipped" up this bracelet without giving the design too much thought and just grabbed beads, strung them together quickly because I was impatient to see if the new clasp would be ok. The next morning I was looking at it and...... Holy Mother of Elvis would you look at that....the magnetic clasp and the silver bead have an almost identical flower pattern on them, spooky ha? Now that's what I call a serendipitous (is that even word? must be because spell check hasn't underlined it in red) happening. I know, small things amuse small minds, but I sure get a buzz out of things just coming together like that.
Two necklaces I made over the weekend. New chain with re-purposed beads and charms. The big heart was once part of an earring from the 70's I'm guessing.
Butterfly, round Bali beads, turquoise beads and chain are new and the three amber glass beads top left are re-purposed from another 70's type necklace.
They're both on fairly long chains because that seems to be how the young'uns like to wear them and they are both for my angel baby who turns 26 today.
So I'm off to ice her gluten free chocolate birthday cake that rose about half a centre metre and looks like a big flat chocolate pancake. Oh dear! I'm afraid my creativity didn't overflow into my cooking skills at all. And if your worried she might see her presents before she's supposed too, don't be, she never reads my blog.


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