Friday, October 29, 2010

Bling Rings and Things

Made a few extra things to put on my market table tomorrow. Half a dozen rings in various metallic colours with a Swarovski crystal set in the middle. I love this particular mold, it’s from Krafy Lady and is about 1" in diameter.

I decided to make some rings because last week some sweet little 12 year old girls were looking at my jewellery and they kept placing all the pendants on their fingers imagining what they would look like as rings. So I have them to thank for the idea.

I dusted them all in Perfect Pearls to get the metallic finish and then varnished them so it doesn’t rub off.

I’m also trying my hand at designing different looks to attach to cufflinks. These are very small, just under 1/2” and think they’re maybe too small for some buttonholes. But I have some larger blanks on order which I think will work better.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not windy tomorrow. The last few days have been so blowy with several huge  gusts of wind and it’s just not conducive to having an outdoor market.  As you can imagine things blow over and my props get blasted off the table if I’m not vigilant and then I’m scrambling around picking everything up off the ground. Not a good look!


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